Our Work

Ultimately, every company must be judged on its output. We’re more than happy to share samples of our work. We’re also not shy about revealing a few of our top-flight clients over the years, along with the good things they’ve said about us.

Our Clients

Over the years, Keystroke has worked with some of the top names in the publishing business, including Routledge, MacMillan, Cassell, Sage, Virago and BBC Worldwide. In 2016, we produced over 200 books for Routledge alone. In addition, we continue to provide services to clients in other sectors, including private companies and non-profit institutions. Whether it’s a book, a brochure or an annual report, we always offer our clients the very best in service.

Our Feedback

Working with so many publishers and authors, it’s not surprising that we get a lot of feedback – and it’s invariably good. Take a look at the testimonials and see what people are saying about us.

It has been a most harmonious and happy relationship, and it is extraordinary to think that we have been working together for nearly two decades. And with never a cross word! For constancy, efficiency and helpfulness – over and beyond the call of duty – Keystroke are the tops.

Nicola BeaumanManaging Director of Pesephone Books

That's great, Maggie. And thank you too. It felt more like fun than a chore because of your gentle and responsive style.

Paul ThomasAuthor of Collaborating for Health

The staff at Keystroke explained the process in a straightforward way, communicated with me at every step and resolved any issues quickly and efficiently. I am confident that this attention to detail and the way they took time to liaise with me will pay dividends in the resulting book.

Catherine HeatheringtonAuthor of Reimagining Industrial Sites

Keystroke are a much-valued design and typesetting partner. Their work is innovative and accurate, and most importantly, they deliver on time.

Jeremy Toynbee5M Production Manager

Keystroke personnel played a pivotal role in preparing our book manuscript for publication. Their thorough editing, flexibility, and support of author perspectives streamlined the process to an incredible degree. Each person we worked with was immensely personable and exhibited a true devotion to their craft.

Peter Q. Pfordresher, Ph.D.Author of Psychology of Music (co-authors Siu-Lan Tan and Rom Harré)

I thoroughly enjoyed working with you. Your warmth and the way you interacted was a wonderful surprise on this long journey! I knew you were determined to produce the best possible result at every juncture, including the layout and photos. Your communication was professional, well organized, and knowledgeable. Thank you so much!

Nora Swan-FosterAuthor of Jungian Art Therapy

What we especially appreciated about the Keystroke team was the individual attention they gave us as authors, and the degree of care they put into our manuscript. The team is extremely efficient and skilled, but it is the extra care that they put into every step that shone through the most.

Siu-Lan TanAuthor of Psychology of Music (co-authors Rom Harré and Peter Q. Pfordresher)

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio demonstrates both our technical skill and our commitment to quality. It also shows our respect for the wishes of publishers and authors alike, because we always put our clients first. It just so happens that we love our work – and we think it shows!


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