Keystroke works hard to provide an excellent range of editorial services, ensuring a smooth process, strict adherence to schedules and a great end product. The service starts with our in-house project managers and production editors, whose job it is to supervise each project. They make use of our substantial database of freelance copy-editors, proofreaders and indexers, all with solid professional backgrounds.

Our copy-editors are well briefed on each job, including adherence to house style and consistency with existing book series. They work with authors to improve the clarity and accuracy of their copy, while ensuring that all visual elements are error-free and properly marked-up for typesetting.

Our proofreaders ensure adherence to style and eliminate any remaining errors, incorporating last-minute changes from authors and publishers. Our indexers are similarly fastidious, providing clear and accurate indexes that do justice to the content of the publication, whether it be a multi-author academic tome or an annual report.

The editorial staff at Keystroke can boast experience in a vast range of subject matter, with HSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) and STM (Scientific, Technical and Medical) figuring prominently. We only employ people with solid experience and professional training, which helps us maintain our rigorous quality standards.


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